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My name is Laine Toia and I am the Creative behind Bespoke Weaving. I handcraft woven wall hangings for spaces all over New Zealand and abroad, including bedrooms, nurseries, and commercial locations.


As a New Zealander of Maori descent, I have grown up surrounded by the beautiful and practical art of weaving. It is an integral part of the Maori culture and therefore has had a huge influence on my life. Weaving helps me to connect with Mother Nature, as I only use natural and organic materials. I find inspiration in the beautiful landscapes of our country from the rolling hills to the starry nights.







I have a strong background in Interior design, letting you leave the creativity in my capable hands. A personal consultation can be easily arranged in order to better articulate your vision and understand your individual needs.  

Please contact me for further details.​


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Bespoke weaving celebrates uniqueness! With the utmost respect for mother nature, I often follow the unique shapes and use tones inspired by her natural hues. I pride myself in only using natural fibres and always try to support New Zealand businesses first. I value traditional weaving methods passed down through generations and am honoured to carry the knowledge forward.


"Weaving the modern and traditional together"


mindful . sustainable . unique

Laine Toia - Bespoke Weaving
Laine Toia - Bespoke Weaving
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