The Weaving Gods

This is the first blog post of many to come. Here you will find a creative forum filled with everything weaving. Next weeks blog post is all about my experiences with plant dying fabrics for weaving.

A little about myself & Bespoke weaving -

Bespoke Weaving came about during my recovery time from a surgery whilst I was healing. Because of my background in Interiors, I made it my mission to create my first piece of art during this week of recovery. Weaving has became almost like a form of meditation to me, I find it very comforting see how each piece slowly evolves and flows into something beautiful. Without an immense amount of pre-planning going into every detail of the piece, it is free to develop a personality of its own. As well as this, I make a concerted effort to keep up date with overseas trends that are yet to hit our shores as a way to stay inspired and continue developing my ideas.

From a young age I was taught to be thankful for the plants that nurture us in our everyday life. This translated into my creation process as I say a Karakia (Prayer) to thank the plant for providing the stems for me to weave with. I was also taught the original steps to prepare the plant for weaving, From sourcing the plant, stripping and drying the fibres out, right up to dying the natural fibres before it is woven.

All of these precious tools help me to have a better understanding and appreciation for what I create today and inspire my ultimate weaving style; a mix between Tribal and Modern.

More to come soon,

Laine x

Image scored from New Zealand national Libary

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