Today I woke with the need to see the ocean...

One of my favourite parts about weaving is needing driftwood, This means I can call visiting the beach "work". So this morning I went to say hello to Tangaroa (God of the sea). Kohimarama has a nice corner cafe for a takeaway coffee while you stroll the beach.

I love how each piece of drift wood is unique, you will always find wood from all sorts of tree's that the ocean has smoothed out with its tides. As a lot of you know, I am a water baby and the ocean is where is feel safe. I use the hues and shapes of the Sea for inspiration in my work.

Shell's are another obsession I have always has since I was a little girl, so many colours shapes and sizes. And to think that a shell used to be a home of a creature Ill be incorporating more elements like this in my weavings in the near future.

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