Bespoke Bridal weaving

On May 6th I had the pleasure of marrying my best friend. It was almost 9 years ago when I was 15, we started dating. And I think that because we were both so ready for the day to come, we were relaxed and wanting to absorb every little detail we had organised.

There's a decent 40min drive from the city to our venue in Clevedon - Kauri Bay, and it would be easy to get anxious sitting in a car for that long before your big ceremony, but one of the best things my bride's maids did for me was blasting my favourite tunes the whole way. We had a little dance party while passing around a bottle of champagne and singing at the top of our lungs. (I later learnt that these full chest expansions from singing are the key to keeping your heart rate down, so thank you Bride Tribe for making sure I kept my cool!)

We both had family visiting from all corners of the world that we hadn't seen in years, so my mind was all kinds of excited about getting out of the car to see all of my favourite people.

Considering we chose May to get married, the weather was unreal! The stars really aligned for us to have this perfect day. Needless to say, it was definitely the best party we'll ever throw!!

But enough about how happy I am. This blog post is actually about the weaving I made for us to get married before. It is symbolic to the weaving together of our two families, becoming one. It tells a story - Everyone special to us who have played a part in our journey has a knot in their honour, there are geographical features that acknowledge where we separately come from, and there is blank space to recognise what is still to come and that's just the beginning of the story that is in these fibres.

Rose of Blossom and wild created the beautiful floral structures around the weaving, managing to find blooms that are out of season to put together this spectacular piece. Who knew that Manuka flowers are still blooming in May nowadays!

I know from experience that it's crunch time for all of those Brides to be who are planning weddings for the coming summer. If you're getting married soon and would like to have a Bespoke Bridal weaving behind you while you tie the knot, or even hire ours for your special day. Contact us so we can have a chat about your vision.

I'd love to hear from you.




Venue: Kauri Bay - Bookrock

Celebrant: Swami Yogamani

Photographer: Tyla Kvalsvig

Bridal Weaving: Bespoke Weaving

Florals: Blossom & Wild

Dress; Rue De Seine

Makeup: Brae Toia of Makeup Artistry nz

Hair: Stephen Marr

Ceremony Music: Georgia of Broods

Reception Band: Strangely Arousing


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